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Smutty Claus
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Love sexy surprises? Love het fanart and fic? Love giving and receiving presents? You've come to the right place. smutty_claus is an exchange community within the Harry Potter fandom, including male/female pairings and all the variations our authors and artists can dream up! We love rare pairs, canon pairs, and everything in between. Whether you like Marauders, Death Eaters, Harry's classmates or the next gen kids, it can all be found here at smutty_claus.

Every year we share our wishes for fanart and fic, swap assignments, and then write or draw fun and sexy gifts to pile up under the smutty_claus tree. When December comes around, a few Secret Santa gifts are posted each day, until everyone's wish has been granted. Our Santas' identities are revealed in January.

Signups ARE CLOSED for the 2013 fest. Posting starts December 1st, 2013

If you have any questions, please contact community moderator nightfalltwen at

You can also find community updates at DreamWidth.
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